HELP: Database viewing and editing: Live and Sandbox

I am having troubles viewing and editing the database collections in the editor: both Live and Sandbox. The problem is not definitelly in internet connection or in publishing. Recently I have transfered my site.
All is working in Preview mode or by real sharp version of the web page.
Any ideas?

Can you please send us the site URL so that we can have a look?
Do you get any error messages on your console ?


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Hi Tal,
for short period of time, Live and Sandbox, they were suddenly working good.
But again, they are out of service.
the web page
regarding the console, I have no clue, how to analyse it or use it.

Hi WIX…any ideas?

@silverandstars Wix Code is beta, sometimes the data collections get this weird for me to, clear browser cache and reload. I have also discovered that the new Chrome behaves bad using Wix Dashboard overall in lots of places