HELP: How To Use Search With Content Manager

Hey All! I have a client that I’m building a site for that makes very heavy use of the content manager and we need a search box on the home page that can crawl the contents of the content manager but Wix Search does not work for this. What are my options here??? It’s very important to have this feature because that drives the whole site. :grinning:

Hey Shane!

From my experience, using Velo is a great way to be able to search the content manager. The Velo forum ( might be a great place to start :slight_smile:

Otherwise, here’s a support article which includes what can and can’t be searched with the search app - About Wix Site Search | Help Center |

Hope it helps

Thank you Noah! I will definitely try the Velo forum and see if anyone has already done this :slight_smile:

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