Help Needed: Automatically Uncheck Checkboxes After a Period of Time in a Cycle

I want to make it so that after a period of time, certain checkboxes will automatically divert to an unchecked state, having this happen whenever this period of time elapses in a loop. Let’s say a month for one checkbox and a year for another checkbox. Since I am using checkboxes for a task list, this would mean that someone wouldn’t need to uncheck everything once a certain period that tasks need to be completed in is over. It would happen automatically!

I followed the instructions below to save the state of the checkboxes for all users after they refresh the site:

  1. Make a Collection (must be set to hold Multiple items, which is the default), call it Checkboxes.

  2. Click on the 3 dots by Add item and go into Collection settings. Go into Additional settings and change from Site Content Custom Use.

  3. Update the fields to give the permissions you want. The important ones for this is to let them read content and update content.

  4. Make as many fields as you need checkboxes and set their Field type to Boolean (this will let them hold if it’s checked or not). You can give them meaningful names, but for this example I’ll just call them Checkbox1, Checkbox2 and so on.

  5. Add the checkboxes to your site that you want (I will assume they’re named #checkbox1 , #checkbox2 and so on)

  6. Turn on developer mode

I then incorporated the following code. Please let me know what should be added, thanks!

import wixData from 'wix-data';
let ID;
let box1;
let box2;
$w.onReady(function () {
    wixData.query("Checkboxes").find().then((results) => { //Gets the values from the content manager
        ID = results.items[0]._id; //Saves the ID for when you need to update

        box1 = $w('#checkbox1'); //gives the checkbox an easier to use name
        box2 = $w('#checkbox2');

        box1.checked = results.items[0].checkbox1 //Sets the value of checkbox1 to the value held in the database for Checkbox1 when the page loads
        box2.checked = results.items[0].checkbox2 //Sets the value of checkbox2 to the value held in the database for Checkbox2 when the page loads
        box1.onChange(() => {   //When checkbox 1 is changed it updates the database with the new settings

        box2.onChange(() => {   //When checkbox 1 is changed it updates the database with the new settings

//This function updates all (2) of the checkboxes, if you want more than 2, add checkbox3 and so on
function updateAll() {
    //Sets what fields to update, to update more add the extra fields, but _id got to remain
    let updatedFields = {
        _id: ID,
        checkbox1: box1.checked,
        checkbox2: box2.checked,
    wixData.update("Checkboxes", updatedFields).then((results)=>{