Help with email

Hi, all.

Was able to get SendGrid to work with help from Velo Tutorial: Sending an Email on Form Submission | Help Center | but it’s too pricey right now.

How do I get Wix itself to send an email? I’ve read Business Email Basics | Help Center | and and see that there’s automated e-mails and triggered e-mails.

I just want to send a simple e-mail via Wix.

TIA (Thanks In Advance)

BTW, I should mention that we’re looking to send e-mails to people who are not Wix Contacts so I don’t below I can use the Wix contact e-mail feature.

Thanks again.

Look here;

Wow, thanks Giri; I will check it out!

Fantastic, Giri; it works great! Thanks again!

Glad it solved your problem.

I’m now sending e-mails via email.js . Unfortunately, though, the HTML I’m including in a message_HTML template variable is not getting rendered (for example, when I include “

” in message_HTML , it appears as “

” in the e-mail that gets sent out, not the 2 line breaks I was trying to effect).

Per , I had set “Content-type” to “application/json”. If I switch it to “text/html”, e-mails don’t get sent out.

Any ideas?

I am doing this from memory, but it should be in the emailjs documentation: when you want the info passed on to be regarded as html and not as text, you should define the var inside the emailjs template within triple curly braces, not double.
Example: {{{body}}}

Your memory serves you well, Giri; long day yesterday, missed that last night. Thanks!