Help with Hooks

Hello I have a form on a page { }, I am receiving some information through check boxes. I want to convert value of checked boxes into the text written next to them and store it in database. (Later I want to retrieve these values and show them on a new page in a text box) To do this I am using Hook (insert before). But the hooks are not working. Can you check what is the problem? Are the hooks provided by Wix fully operational at this time? A work around for this was to have a multi select drop down through which people can select multiple values and it can be stored in database. But multi select feature is not available.
Regards is an example of what I want to do, In example I try to change email address but hooks don’t work
export function NannyRegistration_beforeInsert(item, context) {
//TODO: write your code here…
let hookContext = context;" ";
return item;
Actual Problem: When a check box is selected, I want to check it and replace its true or false with a string and store it in the database. Later I will take these values from database and display in a text area.
thanks, Sarah.