help with IDX

Does anyone here have experience coding IDX into a Wix site (for Real Estate-Canada)? Thanks

Hello. If you have trouble finding anyone here for that specifc request you may also check the marketplace to hire a developer


As I went through the same process recently, (But for California Board). The issue for me was to avoid iframe in my Wix website at all costs:

Realtyna recently introduced a feature called MLS Router which has support for WIX and some other SaaS CMSs, This enhances Wix’s Organic MLS / IDX Integration capabilities over RESO Web API specially. (Last GitHub model only supports RETS).

  1. First, reach out to Realtyna to obtain approval from your board for your API key. You must be a board member to approve your website address or if you are a web Developer, you need to contact your client (let’s say agent or broker) to get it signed.

  2. Once approved by your MLS or Association , Realtyna will provide you with the necessary widgets and codes to integrate into your Wix website.

  3. The MLS will automatically update on your website in real-time without the need for a cron job and text data will reside on your own domain.
    Please be patient, especially during step 1, as some boards may take longer to confirm your membership with the vendors.
    The result is an Organic integration (no iframes, which can be detrimental to SEO) with all data served via a Wix front-end.

I just reached out and they want to charge $1700 then $99month?

Has anyone found an answer? Why have a brokerage template when you search for real estate broker site? I’ve been duped?