Help with inserting multiple records

what would be the proper way to make more that one insert with the same object? I can’t seem to find a walkthrough anywhere. I know the code below is wrong but I wanted to try and show what I’m attempting. I sure there is an easy answer but it eludes me.

export function add1_click(event) {
const my_member_id = userId

const item = ‘5ca66134-0a74-449d-8481-811875f57a78’
wixData.insert( ‘WatchLater’ , { item, my_member_id });

const item2 = ‘5ca498651-0a74-449d-8481-81146513213’
wixData.insert( ‘WatchLater’ , { item, my_member_id }); //I want to insert item2 into the item field.

I figured it out