Help with Velo example Quick Book and Pending Appointments (requestedSlot & Approve button)

Hello, I have used the booking experience templates as they are presented. I haven’t changed any of the code. And I have a problem with the two parts that I mention in the title. When I select the published page, in the Quick Book light-box the input of Pick a day, the requestedSlot of the collection is not filled. And at the same time, another problem that I find is that when I want to approve the requests, nothing happens. I guess it’s for the same reason… And I don’t know how to follow up on the process, there are no more tutorials or examples about it: 1. Quick Book client form - 2. My approval pending appointments - Then what? I would greatly appreciate the help!

This is the problematic snippet (extracted from the example):

    $w ( "#slotPicker" ). options  =  availableSlots . map (( slot ,  id ) => { 
        **const**  uniqueId  =  **new**  Date (). getUTCMilliseconds (). toString ()  // Generate a short unique ID to identify options in the slotPicker 
        slotsMap [ uniqueId ] =  slot ; 
        **let**  startTime  =  slot . startDateTime ; 
        **let**  timeString  =  getTimeOfDay ( startTime ); 
        **return**  { 
            label :  timeString , 
            value :  uniqueId  +  id