Help with WIX header

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to make the header blended into the background but when you scroll down for it to show up differently similar to the below.

start off like this

Then the text and donate button color change to this with a white background.

Hoping someone can help me out as this looks really cool.

What are you actually trying to achieve here as there are examples that you can use already out there.

There is now an option in Header design that allows doing that with no code, check the “Tips” part of this article.

The code worked perfectly but now I have another issue. The other pages now have the same code but I don’t want that for the others.

This is the new main page which is awesome and what I wanted

As you scroll down it has this look which is perfect!

But my other pages now have a transparent window which is missing things up

I want it to look like this

Thanks T