Help with Wix Shop please! : )

Hi there,

The shop on my wix website has 12+ rows, and therefore a “Load More” button appears after these 12 rows. I have inserted “Add to Cart” buttons to this shop page, and after the 12 rows, these buttons are still showing after the “Load More” button, but without the linked product images. Is there a way to either:

  • delete the “Load More” button and show all of the rows on the same page, or

  • make the “Add to Cart” buttons invisible until the “Load More” button is clicked, and the linked product images appear?

I have included a screenshot below for your ease.
Many thanks!

Are you using code? If you do please share here so we can assist you.
This forum specialises with wix code product so in case you aren’t using code please contact support as they can help you best.

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