Hide mini cart in mobile

Can I hide a mini cart in mobile or replace it with a success pop up?

Made in Wix Studio

What are you trying to achieve:
I want to hide the mini cart after added a product to cart. In tablet and mobile breakpoints, the mini cart blocks the view of the page bellow and the users get lost in the process.

The first button adds to the cart the cloth. The second button adds cart the product without the customization.

What have you already tried:
This is the page I was able to do until now. Page

Additional information:
I have 0 experience the Velo code. Please Help me to find a solution.

This is the way that I connected to the cart first button.

This is the way that I connected to the cart second button.

When I choose the first button (Personalizar) I need the cart pop up to be changed by a success pop up.

I found the hideMiniCart( ) but it doesn’t work on mobile. Any suggestions?

The solution to hide the mini cart in the mobile.