Hide the Member Menu Until the Client Creates a Profile?

I have a member section of website. When a member signs in to the member section, I as them to create a profile. I have other member-only pages that populate based on the client profile information so I’d like to hide the member menu until the client creates a profile.

I have tried:


I’ve also tried:


However, “hide” and “disable” are not available on the verticalMenu1…my member menu.

Any other ideas to accomplish this?

Hi Ryan!

Could you please share a link to your site?
One of us, the WixCode team, will inspect it and provide you with a solution.


Use a box to hide the menu
Hide the box after the client create the profile

It is indeed a valid workaround.
Nevertheless, I would like to check if this behavior is an outcome of WixCode misuse or a specific use case with the said component.



Unfortunately, this workaround does not work as I cannot put a box “in front” of the vertical member menu. The menu must be programmed on top of all page elements…including the box I’m trying to use to hide it. :slight_smile: