Hide video from users who have already watched.

I am trying to hide the video that users have already viewed but I have not been able to make the video disappear, the filters only hide a video from me.

I have two collections of data, I already managed to complete the collection of videos displayed when watching the video now I only need the video from the database1 to filter that if the video is in the other collection it will not show it.

It’s hard to understand from your description what you’re trying to and how you’re trying to do it.
Please clarify, add details, post the code you have (if you have ) etc…

a filter that when comparing that in the two datasets there is an item with the same title, this is not presented to the user.

I mean, you go to the next video and you can’t see the previous one.

import wixData from ‘wix-data’ ;

$w( ‘#dataset1’ ).setFilter(wixData.filter()
.contains( “visto” , $w( ‘#input6’ ).value) )})