Hiding Pricing Based on a Condition

I’ve been searching all night for this, but cannot seem to find a straight answer. Is there anyway to hide shop pricing based on a condition?

I know I can hide the entire product gallery based on a condition, which I do not want to do. I want to hide prices from users who are not logged in, without hiding the products or their details.

This could be easily accomplished with a simple if statement and user.loggedOn() but I need a way to access the visibility of pricing within the product gallery element.

Is this possible? I sell products wholesale and do not want consumers seeing my prices, only members. I also want prospective new clients to be able to see my products and want to sign up to see the pricing.

Hi there :wave:t2: There’s not much control offered over the Wix Apps, but you could build a repeater connected to the Stores/Products database and run your code on that.
Good luck!

Okay awesome thanks I’ll have to look into how to do that! Thanks! I’ve been meaning to explore using datasets as they seem quite powerful but I don’t really understand how to utilize them outside of the Wix apps forms and shop

Hey is there a way to connect a dataset to a specific collection instead of all of my products? Or would I need to create a new dataset for that collection and stop using the Wix collections function?

I think I figured it out. Thanks. Now I just need to figure out how to make these repeaters look better. I like the design I had running in my stores page

I also want to be able to hide a the price if a product is out of stock but the only option seems to be to recreate the entire store from scratch. If anyone has any other solutions or thinks they can help me it would be appreciated