Horizontal Scrolling - it can't be this hard

Hello Community,

I have been struggling with trying to find an updated horizontal scrolling effect for my repeater. It really can’t be this hard. I’ve been on YouTube for too long and have read / seen the Wix guides with no luck.

New Horizontal Scroll Website - Made with Wix Editor X - YouTube is close to what I want to do.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OMe6ffy-Io&t=68s at 1:12 talks about “pinning an element to the parent container” and is exactly what I want to do. I’ve seen this done on other sites but when I pin my repeater it doesn’t work at all, unless I have the Scrollbars On (which I don’t want).

Does anybody have a link or clear way of doing this, even if it’s with Velo I just want to move off this nonsense and onto something else…

Thank you for any guidance!

Sincerely self-frustrated.

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Okay, so… sometimes I skip the obvious. I’m certain there are other ways of doing this but I decided to use the Pro Gallery as it’s super easy to use and does exactly what I need.

Kudos to https://www.wix.com/velo/forum/coding-with-velo/dynamic-slideshow-using-dataset @stcroppe is pioneer amazing! I was diving deep into this thread which would also do what I need though the Pro Gallery will meet my needs as well.