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When I published the researches on my website (www.mcpparkyapi.com), I arranged the images to be black and white filtered, but I want to remove this image filter and show the original image when it comes to cost. Is there an Assistant Install? I’m leaving a sample site link with what I want for your better understanding. Thank you guys

I really don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish. Can you share your code? Explain on what page to see the problem.

This forum is dedicated to Velo. For questions that are not related to code you can contact Wix Customer Care .

I did not do any coding, I do not have any information about it, I wrote here because the customer service said it would be done with velo. My problem is as follows;
I applied a filter on the images in the editor, as seen when I opened my completed projects page on my website. Later, I want to remove this filter and see the original image in the editor’s navigation section. How can I do that

Click on the Filters option:

And then from the available filters choose None :

If you need further details or clarification, contact Wix Customer Care ,

There is a translation error caused by the translation. I want to remove the filter when the user hovers over it, not when the page is opened.

Translate dan kaynaklanan çeviri hatası oluyor. Ben filtreyi sayfa açıldığında değil kullanıcı fare ile üzerine geldiğinde kaldırmak istiyorum

This is not a coding issue. Unless someone here in the community has experience with this design option, you will get better help from regarding this issue from Wix Customer Care ,

Thank you