How allow access to the camera via chrome

I face a problem. I can’t access the camera under Chrome. It seems to be an iframe problem only with this navigator. I have to integrate the line allow=“camera” inside each iframe of a page. We can easily integrate a iframe in a page, but I don’t find a way to integrate this command inside the other iframes of a page.

Can you help ?

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Have you tried using Messaging ? If it doesn’t help, please send us the documentation so that we can have a look to check whether it’s possible.


Hello Tal, thank you for your prompt answer.
This avenue is inetersting, but it seems that it is not possible to authorise the activation of the camera wothout including the line allow=“camera” in each frame of the page.

So, I included it in the HTML iframe that I built but it is not enough.
And it seems that I can’t intervene inside the iframes created by wix to create the pages.

Here is the link :

It works perfectly under firefox, but not under Chrome.

Thank you again.


Hi Christophe,
I need the documentation link, not the URL of your site. Does your Wix site works fine on Firefox (meaning does the HTML component display the camera on Firefox)?


Hi Tal,

Thank you for your answer.
What do you mean by documentation link ? And yes, it works nicely on Firefox.


This is not Wix related issue. Therefore, I suggest you contact, as they can help you best.

Thank you Roi,

I did and their answer is very simple. To be able to work on Google Chrome, all the iframes inside a page must include the line allow=camera and some iframes are created in an automated way by wix.
Here is my problem.
It works perfectly on firefox.


I Checked it independently in firefox and chrome in a html file. didn’t work in chrome and worked in firefox.


Have a look at this link

it works pretty wellwith Chrome like that.
Could we find the solution based on it ?

This forum is specialised in Wix Code products. For questions regarding the HTML component, please contact Wix support team .


Hi Tal,

Sorry for that. Won’t do it again. :slight_smile:


Me again. I follow your advice and the supportteam told me that this is an issue that they can’t fix.
But that I could ask the wizcode forum to find someone that could solve this issue.

Si, I am a bit confused…


Ahlan Roi and Tal.

I’m having the same problem as Christophe. Here’s the issue, and please let us know if there’s a workaround or a way to ask Wix product management to prioritize this as an urgent request.

  1. In April Chrome changed their iFrame behavior. It forces iFrames to explicitly request access to microphone and camera. This change is unique to Chrome - not an issue affecting Firefox or Edge.

  2. Currently, any code added to a Wix website (for example an embed iFrame) is served up inside of another iFrame. This surrounding iframe is generated by Wix and not controlled by the user, so there is no way for the user to add the additional parameters for Chrome 64. i.e. add the ‘allow="microphone; camera’ parameters.

  3. This prevents embeds in Wix from functioning correctly as they cannot acquire the microphone and camera.

Suggest solution is for Wix to parse the ‘allow’ parameters that the user passes, and pass them within Wix’s surrounding iFrame. This is a change that Wix has to do.
Otherwise all website which implemented embdes with camera, location, or microphone won’t work within Wix.

Please can you let me know if this makes sense. If this is a product/ feature request please can you let us know how can we escalate this (Giora / Reuven or Yaniv’s teams)?



Hi, any news or return about this last discussion ?


Good afternoon,

Sorry to bother you, but I really need this feature. Have you got update or should I abandon Wix ?
This would be with regret…


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We are also facing the issue with one of our sites.
Can Wix please provide at least a workaround?

Update : created feature request


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Hi, is there any update? I would need this feature too… Other question, has anyone an example of script to embed in the HTML window to access the camera?

Many thanks to all!

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Hi Paul, unfortunately, it seems that wix has no answer for us and this put us more and more in trouble. We think about changing of platform. What a pity !

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Has anyone got a way to access the camera yet? It is a pretty crucial piece for many!