How best to Apple App Store app as product for sale via wix

Hey there

I’m looking for advice on how best to handle a WixStudio based shop front situation.

Specifically I would like the site to list products that are digital payloads (easy) as well as a product that is actually an iOS app for sale on the Apple App Store.

How imagine this working is a dummy product is made listing the App however the add to cart, quantity etc buttons are overridden and hidden for this specific product. Instead, the ubiquitous “Get from iOS App Store” image/link is presented redirecting users to the Apple App Store to make their purchase as necessary.

I’ve tried googling and searching on the forum but not found anything that matches what I’m trying to do. In fact I’ve not yet seen an example of this behaviour out in the wild, however logically it shouldn’t be impossible.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

custom coded store or if you dont need the additional features of the store with members log and so on then you could just build it with CMS and repeaters

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Thanks @Dan_Suhr for the insight.
In my case there are useful benefits to keeping the log-in behaviour - mainly providing users with free updates to the software products they have previously purchased.

So, with regard to your suggestion of a custom coded store - could you possibly point me to some tutorials/guidance for starting my learning journey in doing this please?

If you do not know Velo or how to code you will need to start here

If you know velo then you can learn more about the api here

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Thanks @Dan_Suhr this is super interesting!

I was poking around the “Product Page” element and was a little disappointed to find that all child elements present “code for this inner element can’t be changed”.

My hope was that I could have some page code in the $w.onReady(function () to control hide/show on the “buy now” and “add to cart” buttons based on, for example, product category. Doesn’t look like it works that way so I’ll keep looking.

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you would have to build the product page from scratch using a repeater to connect the elements.

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Understood! Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: