How can I add new (and not update) entries in a collection through user input?


I have been trying for a long time to add new entries to a collection using input forms. So far, the ways I have tested have only lead to already existing collection entries becoming updated.

*I have tested the built in “Submit” and “New” actions.
*I have tried using I have also tried to write my own code.

I would be very thankful if someone could point me in any new direction.
My goal is that I want users to upload text pieces and I want to be able to show that on the page, one (or perhaps a few) at a time, sorted by topic if possible.

Thank you very much!

Part of code:

export function button1_click(event) {

let textToInsert = $w("#input1").value;
let topicToInsert = $w("#input2").value;

let toInsertBoth = {
  "prayer":      textToInsert,
  "topic":     topicToInsert   ,
let toInsertTopic = {
  "title":     textToInsert,
  "topic":     topicToInsert   ,


wixData.insert('PrayersInHeaven', toInsertBoth);
    .then( (results) => {
        let item = results; //see item below
    } )
    .catch( (err) => {
        let errorMsg = err;
    } );

 // Runs a query on the "recipes" collection

  // Query the collection for any items whose "Name" field contains  
  // the value the user entered in the input element
  .contains("topic", topicToInsert)
  .then( (results) => {
    if(results.items.length == 0) {
        wixData.insert('PrayersInHeavenTopics', toInsertTopic)
    } else {
      // handle case where no matching items found
  } )
  .catch( (error) => {
    let errorMsg = error.message;
    let code = error.code;
  } );