How can I create a page that displays all of my site members and a links to a dynamic page with an individual site member's information?

I have a website with three subscription plans: Free, Basic, and Premium. Users can select one plan when they register on my site. I want to create the following pages that will be viewed by my site admin only:

Page 1: A page that displays a list of all my site members and what subscription plan they enrolled in.
Page 2: If I click on a member in Page 1, that should take me to a separate page that dynamically displays their data (such as name, subscription plan, etc.)

I have already created a page with a repeater list that is connected to the WixPrivateMembersData with a list of all my site members. However, I found that I cannot add any columns to this collection. How can I display their subscription plan as a column?

How can I create another page that dynamically displays a single member’s information? I tried creating a dynamic page, but I’m limited to the presets in the screenshot that are correlated to specific collections, and I cannot select the WixPrivateMembersData collection.

Hello @cindy ,

Might be able to code in such a feature by making your own custom member area.

However, I don’t know if the information for each member’s subscription is available, even with the use of code. Would recommend checking the Velo forum and the API documentation before trying to create your own member area.