How can I display .pdf files from my collections?

I’d like to show .pdf files from my collection, but the html app is no longer avalible?

I am Naama from Editor X Product Team.
The Html Embed is in our short term backlog.
To overcome this - you can simply connect the PDF file to a button or an image or a gallery link -

Kind regards,

Hi Naama,

thank you for your response. It does not work, when it comes to what I need to do.
I’d like to show CVs (.pdf / .doc files) on dynamic pages in that way where the single dynamic page is a candidate profile page with the candidate’s resume.

I can wait, and Wix rocks when it comes to doing amazing things with the product, but please let me know if you have an idea how to overcome this issue.

Regards from sunny Warsaw!

yes I have this same issue…

Hi Pawel - did you find a solution to this? I am trying to find how to do this - it was easy to do in the standard Wix version but I can’t figure out how to do it in Editor X