How can I implement sharing login like SSO?

I have a question about sharing logins like SSO.

As a background, I am currently developing one service using another company’s server and Velo.

I use a domain called “” on another company’s server.

I am creating an EC site “” with Velo.
The main domain is “”, and my users can go back and forth between “”(This is subdomain) and “” in the global header.

I already tested our users to be able to resister as a new member at “” after registering as a new member at “”.

However, how can I do to our users to be logged in with “” after they log in with “”?

Is there any way?

I’m looking for a way to do it with “applySessionToken” acquired by API or LocalStorage.
I would like my users to avoid the action of logging in twice.

Hey please take a look here:

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Thank for your reply!
I’d like to use your document as a reference.

@hattori Happy to help :slight_smile: