How can I let users sign in on my WordPress site with their membership credentials from my Wix site?

Hello! I’ve got a website that my team and I built on WordPress that also connects with our mobile app. The issue I’m encountering now is that another partner I work with is on Wix - which I’m also familiar with. We want the users on the partner website to be able to use the same set of credentials to log into the WordPress site. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!

I’m not aware of a way to use Wix as an authentication system on any other site than Wix. :frowning: It is possible to do the reverse, however, and make a Wix site authenticate users from another location (SSO).

Oh, interesting! How would you do that? The Wix site doesn’t have a large base built up yet, so this could work for our purposes without screwing up the user experience!

Yep! Totally doable. You will need to use OAuth. There is a link here to check it out: I must warn you, it gets a little tricky. This is advanced stuff. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Oh my…yes, that looks very advanced! But that’s what we’d need to do so this is a HUGE help! You’re a lifesaver!