How can I put the Login Bar inside a container?

My site uses the login bar to let visitors log in. At the moment, this is in the header, and set to be 28px from the right.

My header has a container within it that has a maximum width of 1920px, so that on standard monitors, the page displays full-width, but on superwide monitors, it doesn’t get out of control: the width is fixed to 1920px, and the site just appears centred in very wide browser windows.

This all works, except that because the Login Bar is currently not inside the main container within the header, it always appears at the right of the viewport. I can’t find a way to move it into the container, so that it’s 28px right margin is measured from the container rather than the header itself.

Is this possible?

NB: The need for me to do put everything into a container within every section/header in order to control the max width on superwide screens, is the reason for my feature request here: It would be so much easier if we could simply specify a max-width value on the page…

Hey Gary

It seems that the Login-Bar cannot be dragged in default position at the moment (suspected bug), but you can Select > Cut > Paste into the container.

Page max-width is a great feature idea!

Thanks, Yanay - I’ll give the Cut/Paste option a try.

Another way I tried to achieve the same thing was in the Layers panel, by dragging the Login Bar into the container. It’s possible to re-order items in the Layers panel, but not move them into and out of each other. That would be another great feature, I reckon! :slight_smile: