How can i upload multiple images to single column, using 1 upload button?

Hi guys as above i’m looking to achieve uploading multiple images to a database and then display them on a gallery page, this is my code so far but it just inserts a long line of code to a single field! and not the separate images?

let workImages = [];

export async function uploadButton6_change(event) {
 let greenFlag = false;
 let file = $w('#uploadButton6').value;
 if(file.length > 0){
 let response = await $w('#uploadButton6').startUpload($w('#uploadButton6').buttonLabel = 'Uploading ...');
        greenFlag = response;
            greenFlag = false;
            console.log(workImages, file[0].name);
            $w('#uploadButton6').buttonLabel = 'Add another picture'
            $w('#uploadedTxt').text = `Done, Uploaded ${file[0].name}`;

 let user = wixUsers.currentUser;
 let userId = $w('#id').text;
 let values;
 const allImages = (workImages);
        .eq("_owner", userId)
        .then((results) => {
            values = results.items[0];
 let allImages2 = allImages;

 let items = results.items;
            items.forEach((item) => {
                item.traderWorkGallery = allImages2;

                wixData.update("MemberProfile", item).then((results2) => {
                    $w('#gallery1').items = results2;

thanks in advance

This will probably guide you →

Hi thanks but i couldn’t get this to work