How did you make your website on a budget? Would wix work? I am an artist

So I am an artist and have 0 experience with websites at all. I am running on a limited budget and haven’t made much money yet, but my gallery (and I guess me to some extent) is ranked in the top 10 in my big city (semi large state capital) . I need to expand now and get a website, I am not going to sell any art off there as I am trying to stay high brow ish and am only selling at galleries and auctions, I just want to explain my art (it is very… unique) and provide images. Would six work for this? I’m just looking to show people what I am about and give a link on trip advisor as well as gove critics somewhere to look and contact me. My budget is like 300 (enough to use six but probably not a real designer) so what do you guys think

If you are going to spam and repost old posts, then at least make the effort to correct the spellings that were pointed out the first time that it was posted :wink:

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