How do I add a 3rd party widget in my wixsite

Hello , I am a web developer ,
I am trying to add a 3rd party widget to my wix website .This the code , i am trying to integrate.

<script src="https://bountifier
.com/api.js" async="true" onload="myBounty()"></script>


	function myBounty()
		var bounty = new Bountify('<api key>',function(){
			var options = {"text":"Report & Win"};

I have replaced the api key in the actual website but it does not render any button on my wix website.

You can’t embed HTML in a Corvid page. You might want to consider using an HtmlComponent . For more information, see the article Working with the HTML Component in Corvid .

A more secure way to handle web service requests is by using backend (server-side) code. Using backend code you can secure your passwords, API keys, and other secret information. The article Accessing 3rd Party Services explains how this is done. I recommend checking with the service provider to see if they provide a REST interface.

Yes they provide a REST interface and Thank you I was able to solve the issue!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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