How do I add a script code to my site <head>?

I’m a newbie at wix and I have a World of Warcraft guild site that I want to start posting guides on, but i need to show abilities tooltips, and for this i have to put this wowhead database code on :

How do i do that? And if there’s no way to put on head, can I do something with wix code that works?


You can add script code to the header of your site using the Track & Analyze feature .
For further question about this feature, please contact Wix Support team as they know best about this feature.

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Thank You Tal, i tried that way and it worked
But now I have other problem, It works on the entire site, except on wix blogs. Is there a way to make the code work on wix blogs, using wix code or other feature?

link no longer works