How do I change html code to a custom font?

Hello! I’m very new to using code and wanted to change the text font in an html box on one of our websites. The issue im facing right now is that I am unable do change it to a font that isn’t preinstalled:

works flawlessly and changes all of the text to be that font

style=“font- family:wfont_462707_c5822f2ce1144860909f6d89b54dbc13,wf_c5822f2ce1144860909f6d89b,orig_kabel_book_bt;”
doesnt and just changes it back to either Calibri or Arial (I forgot what the standart font is)

The font gets used already, i got the font url from the website console(?) itself after all. I tried looking for solutions but I couldn’t find any, or at least not any that I could understand.

If anyone could help me out i’d be very thankful! :smile: