How do I create a data entry when someone makes an account or looks at a page without a pre-existing data entry?


Basically, I’m working on dynamic info for users and I’m using the default members only setup which utilizes PrivateMembersData (dang you permissions!!) so I can’t piggyback off that. I created a separate database and I know how to use the owner tag, problem is, it doesn’t automatically create a entry for every site member which I want it to. Or at-least create one when they load the page it’s on (if they dont have a entry already).

For example, I’m trying to do something where it tells you if you’re accepted.

This is how I want it to work:

You create an account
Go to the Database page
Under Application Status, it may be blank, however it would’ve created an entry in the database for me to manually edit with the application status later.

Thank you! Also, is there any way to make a default value in a database field? Thanks!!