How do I get rid of the HTML/CSS/JS Wix Files?

So I am a web developer. A wix customer came to me and asked me to completely redesign and redo her site. I have done so. I built her a completely new web site from scratch (HTML/CSS/JS files all custom made for her).

I tried to dig around wix to figure out how to take her domain name and how to plug that into another hosting service and to upload my custom made files so that they display instead of her original wix ones.

It wasn’t easy. But I managed to get all of that accomplish. But now… Even though her domain name is transferred from wix to another hosting service and my files are uploaded through FTP to the hosting service when you actually go to her domain name it’s still displaying the old web site and its original files.

How can I get rid of these files for her and to plug mine in?


Hi Max,

Please email wix support directly at