How do I make a course page like Wix Learn?

Hey guys,

I am fairly new to Velo, but just passed the certification exam so have a bit of theoretical knowledge.

I’m wondering if someone could help me get on the right path and point out which API’s were used to create pages like the courses on Wix Learn.

For reference:

Some features I’ve noticed:

-After each video, the next one plays automatically 
-If you click on the next lesson, you remain on the same page, but the new video appears 
-If a user/member completes a video, the play button switches to a checkmark (complete) 
-You can switch between the "about" and "resources" tab in the middle of the page 

I don’t need to charge for these courses, because I have pricing plans set up and they would be a free add-on for my members.

I understand this is a broad question, so feel free to offer as much or as little advice as you like. The more the merrier so I can help educate some classical percussionists!

Thanks in advance!

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I think this is a great question. It’s a bit disheartening that NONE of the course building tools/tutorials provide by Wix actually match the quality of the courses/course pages actually published by Wix. Why not allow us to level up as well???