How do I make an HTTP request with a document stored in content manager as a parameter?

I like short posts, but this one is a bit too short. Could you elaborate on what you want to achieve?

I’m trying to call a third party API that translates pdf files uploaded by customers into csv format. The API call, when initiated in a mac terminal, takes the file path of the pdf file as a parameter.

@kuangjichen Ah, I get it, the wix path wix:v1/etc… does not give you an external URL to hand over to a third party, right? You will have to do some translations for the url. I posted about this one a long time ago, about a real https-path for images. But it must be out of date by now (it’s still somewhere on here). Could you give me the Wix-URL to the PDF you are struggling with?

@giri-zano Sorry about the late reply. The wix url of my sample file is stat ‘wix:document://v1/0657e9_4990128486434a65b64287d165c0a151.pdf/SKM.pdf’. How can I attach the content of this file as a part of my http post request?

@giri-zano I am trying to follow this:

But can’t get it to work when I put in the Wix url as file path.