How do you Verify a Scheduled Job is Running?

I can’t find the site monitor options. I only have Alerts option under Monitoring Tools.

I have my jobs.config file setup but I don’t know how to verify it is running or if it errored out.

Following, it seems that we don’t have tool to test the whole scenario from the config file… Hope one day wix will release a tester like the “run” button next to export function… with a time machine to jump time

OK. I guess I just have to keep circling with it.

You could use console.log() statements in the code that’s invoked by the jobs.config setup. These messages will then be displayed in the Site Monitoring page. By embedding the appropriate messages in your code, you can monitor what’s going on.

You could also use the Google Operations (formerly Stackdriver) to monitor your site events. This provides a richer and more robust site monitoring tool which might be what you need.

Thanks @yisrael-wix
Any reason I don’t have the Site Events option?

You should have it if you have Velo enabled. Did you look at the Site Monitoring documentation ?

BTW - you can access site monitoring from the Editor as shown in this screenshot: