How to achieve text link behavior change (color, bold etc) on hover

Hi All,

I realize that there’s documentation stating that you can not change the hover color & linked text behavior on hover but are there workarounds for this? I recognize there are certain limitations to any editor but this seems a feature that’s very strange to not support.

In building a site, one of the first things people notice is link behavior and interaction points on desktop. Is this something I can use the Corvid editor to bypass? I know javascript can be used to achieve this in a fully open environment but the editor doesn’t give you 100% access to javascript. I just want to understand what’s possible and what is not.

If this is a conscious oversight it seems like a crazy oversight/choice. The editor does so much and is so impressive in other ways - why would they choose to not support something this fundamental to linking hypertext to other documents? Bold, underline on hover, color change on hover, are the pieces I want to be able to control.
Thank you for reading, and any tips or advice are appreciated - thank you.

This forum is dedicated to Corvid. For questions that are not related to code you can contact Wix Customer Care . You’ll get better help for your problem there.

Yup. Very strange indeed. Please let me know if you found a solution to this!

Hi there,

Wix gives you full access to JavaScript, but you can’t access the DOM or the CSS of the website, therefore, you won’t be able to modify the behavior of the link unless you create a custom element, or use the HTML embed element to add text and custom CSS to it.

You can also create onMouseIn and onMouseOut event handlers to change the color of the link, but you’ll need to implement these two handlers on each and every text element, which is not practical.