How to add a new site on a WIX Blog Website?

Hello WIX-Community,
i’m aboslutly beginner but it was really fun to create a website with wix - now i’ve a question for my blog-website - if i put constantly new posts in, will there ever be a site 2 or 3 for the older posts, or will it go endless on one page? i can’t find a function to set up a post-limit for the front page or to add a new site for older posts, are there any options? Hope you got what i mean, nice evening & thanks in advance -

Kind Regards, Till

Hi Till,
Note that this forum is specialised in the Wix Code product. Currently, there’s no integration of Wix Code and Wix Blog. For questions about the Wix Blog product, please contact Wix Support team or post a post here .


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