How to add custom calendar to wix?

Hello, I need a calendar for my online language school, which should include a separate admin, teacher and student panel.
Admin panel should have access to everything that teachers and students have plus option to issue coupons
Teachers should have ability to open their calendar at certain times that works for them so students can schedule a lesson and possibility to reschedule and cancel classes, also have notes and flash cards for the students
Students should have the ability to access all the available times for their teacher so can book the time that works the best and also possibility to reschedule or cancel classes. Students need to be able to buy a certain package and schedule the lessons when they want, choosing from their teacher’s availability panel.
Bought credits from the store needs to be connected to the calendar so the student and teacher can keep track on the credits left.

The calendar will have to be connected to a WIX website.

P.S. I already have similar platform built which is in NodeJS but I have no idea how to connect it to the WIX website. Instead of the login on my platform I want to use WIX login so to make it easier for tracking and campaigns.

Any help would be appreciated.