How to add Global site tag tracking code

Can you help me to learn how to add Global site tag tracking code (Google Analytics) to the pages of my website? Many Thanks!

Login > Settings > Advanced > Custom Code > Head > Add Custom Code >


Paste the Code Copied from GA in the top field.

Select your domain name (if you have more than one)

Name you code: GA or Google Analytics

Add Code to Pages:

I choose ALL page and load once

Place code in: Head


Select Analytics. Again, utilize the Privacy & Cookies tool found under Advanced, just below the Custom Code. These days it is either courtesy or law, depending on location. This will allow the code to work everywhere if visitors accept the terms of the site.


Test the Test the Privacy & Cookies and then GA by visiting your site while in while watching live activity under the property stats.

Should work!

I am very pleased for this support! Many thanks!