How to add link (page links) to submenu? It only gives me the possibility to add links in the main menu, not submenu

Hey @audrey - are you the owner of this site? Does it happen to other sites?

I tried to replicate and this is what I see:

Don’t know if there’s something to do with permissions, some component that or simply a bug.

Do you mind trying it out in a different website? If the problem persists, I’d advise reaching out to our support team.

Thk you for your reply. I opened a site (white canva) from scratch as well as a pre-made site (see below) and both have also the same issue for submenu > i can’t see the option to add a link to submenus. As for my account, I have a basic one without subscription.

I think I found a way to circumvent the problem. When I add the submenu by clicking on ‘‘add New Item’’ then I select the pages and click ‘‘Apply’’, it appears on my menu and then I move it/drag it as submenu > there I can have a few options such as ‘’ change link’’ such as in your screenshot (see my screenshot below) .

However, when adding the submenu by clicking on ‘’ add New Item’’ then click on ‘‘Submenu title’’ and ‘‘apply’’ > there I don’t have a few options such as ‘‘Change link’’ (see screenshot below)> so what is this option ‘’ Submenu title’’ I might not understand it properly…thk yu

super! I’ll pass this feedback on just in case but glad you found a way around it

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Hi @eduardog and @touboulicaudrey ,
I face a similar issue but I 'm not sure to understand the work around

When I add the submenu … then I select the pages and click ‘‘Apply’’
I don’t have any “apply” option selection pages or sub menus… It could be great if our support team could provide more details on this? Another big pain point speaking about menus, is that changing its name will change the page title as well which is not practical

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