How to add media to product options without Editor

I have a Wix Store with a couple hundred unique products in it and all of our products are unique so we’ll continue to have more than a hundred. Currently we do not serve unique images for product option selections but I would like to. But I don’t want to have to manually link everything together in the Edit Product form - that sounds like a nightmare.

Near as I can tell there’s no way to tie product options and images together during a csv import.
I do see there’s addProductMediaToChoices in wix-stores-backend but I want to make sure I’m understanding it all right before I dive too far in. I see in the code example in the docs, the media urls are shown as


Are these URLs the filename part of the media url separated by “/” with a weird prefix or something else?
Is the intended idea that I get these urls from getFileUrl in wix-media-backend and I guess build some sort of simple media manager for selecting what images go with what product option? That seems complex, is there an easier or more direct way to work this out that I’m not seeing?