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hi I’m trying to make webcomic host site like this one, juts to let you know how it works, I don’t know about coding but I learned lot of things in wix, especially collections, dynamic pages, etc, but, I don’t know how to make sure that the info of the comic the user inputs in the page, connects to the place where that specific comic shows the chapters, like this one Read Yokai Life | Tapas Web Comics, there is page that only the creator can see, where they edit their comics, or delete them, or create new ones, or add chapters, and then there is the last link I put that visitors can see, the chapters, how do I do this, how do I get each upload, to get clasified with it’s respective comic?

Hello Layonill,

You can use reference field to create a master-detail page to display items from one collection that relate to another collection. Read more about how to use reference fields - here .

Below is an example:
(Instead of Artists/Songs, think Comic/Chapters)


PS. let me know when it is done, would love to check it out :)!

thank you Majd, but that is the exact situation, I know about the referenced fields, but here is the problem, they work manually, and the hole idea of this is to connect info in automatic, that’s the problem I have

and honestly, I want to build this on wix, I learned so much, and now I like the platform, so I want this to get done here

Oh I see, I’m glad to hear that. One solution would be to insert reference inside a forEach function for each of the references you want to insert assuming you have your items in an array/object variable.

Look here for more information on how to do that.

Hope this helps,

so this will bring the info automaticly?

I’m going to ask a lot, be patient please xD

Haha I do not speak spanish, but I will help you get through this :)!

The info you need to provide or have the user provide, I remember you saying the user can upload chapters to comics, this is where the info will be provided. What I described above is how you insert them automatically instead of manually (once you have them).

If you feel like this is all to confusing you can hire a Wix Expert , but I recommend you try it out first, and I will be here for any help :).


@mqumseya hi, I solved that problem, now I have a new one xD, with the next and previous buttons to every chapter in dynamic pages, 1-the button don’t filter the transition based on what is the comic in the reference field of chapters, 2- it pass from one to other in alphabetic order, that’s a problem with the order if people put the name of the new chapter