How to change the permission of a DB collection as a owner?

I log in as owner role, and I need to assign admin to create/update/delete permissions, but the permission panel shows as the screenshot, which doesn’t allow me to change anything. Anyone help? Thanks!

You cannot change the Order collection’s permissions.

Read this page about Wix app collection permissions, especially the ‘examples’ collapsed section:

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Thank you so much for your reply! I’m having trouble developing a data hook associated with the order table, which triggered after a row is inserted or updated. If I cannot update through Wix editor, does it mean the only way I can test my hooks though a valid checkout?

After checkout, I don’t think my hook functions are called, and in this way, I cannot see any console log info, because the hooks are backend functions. I was wondering if can insert/update order table from Wix editor directly so I can view the log from developer console, but now that I cannot do that, so I’m out of idea how to debug my hooks.


If it won’t let you do the data hooks after insertion or updated, then why not try running the hooks as before update or before insert?

@givemeawhisky I believe that’s what I tried as well. The issue is now I don’t even know if the hook functions are called. I tried modifying the “item” passed in and saving it in beforeInsert/beforeUpdate functions, but when I checked the DB, the row was not inserted/updated as the “item” I modified. Also I have POST http request in afterInsert/afterUpdate function, and from my server, the requests was not received.

The second link you posted is the one I saw so that I want to try and modify the DB from the editor to log something out to verify if the functions are called, but unfortunately, I cannot do that to the order table.