How to Code Member Chat Button

Hey everyone! I would really appreciate some help figuring out how to do the following with code. I am not a coder so if you are able to tell me the exact code I could copy and paste and where to paste it that would be a huge help: I am using wix to build a freelancer marketplace similar to Fiverr. I am using dynamic pages to create freelancer profile pages inside of the members area which will allow client members to chat with freelancer members through the members chat. The way members chat is setup stock we have to give the client instruction like “to chat with a freelancer go to the bottom corner of your screen, open the members chat, click new chat, search for the freelancers name and send them a message” which does not look great on a webpage.

What we would like to do with custom code is put a button titled “Chat” on the freelancer’s profile pages that when clicked would open the chat box and in a perfect world start a new chat between the member clicking the chat button and the freelancer’s profile they are on but not sure if this would be a bit complicated to do. So the second option that I thought of that may be more simple to do is when the client member clicks the chat button on the freelancer’s profile page it simply opens the chat and from there the member can type in the freelancers name and send them a message. Does anyone know the code I would copy and paste to make this happen?

this is what the current freelancer profile page looks like:

The “open chat with specific channel in Wix chat box” has not release

You are advised to build a custom chat system in order to get the largest. manage of the freelancer’s chat(just like fiverr, the admin can see chats)