How to configure wix payment to point to stripe test account

I’ve followed to configure my stripe account, which is currently pointing to stripe live account. How I can configure it to point to the stripe test network(I’ve both (live/test) accounts activated on stripe.
Corvid reference :

Stripe customer support response : Currently all Stripe accounts have two modes, a live mode and a test mode, and each mode can be differentiated based off of what API key (live or test) is being used for the API call. This error occurs (attached)
when a live key was used with one of Stripe’s test cards. Since Wix isn’t providing you any way to directly change which API keys are being used, I would suggest reaching out to them in order to get the best information on how to make a test API call instead of a live one.

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You can see an example of connecting Stripe as a payment processor here .
Please contact Stripe to learn how to access its test network instead of the live one.

I’ve already tried the link shared by you, but I don’t want to got that way.
Reasons: These are the custom controls(UI) on which I can write the code to save/manipulate the sensitive information(being a developer) on my website for that I may need PCI certificate and the risk of exposing payment sensitive details.

You can already find response from stipe to my original post “The only way to hit stripe test mode is by supplying test api keys”.

Stripe api ↔ WIX(by default is using live api keys to communicate with stripe, and there is no way to change them).

WIX provides us the readymade stuff that allows us to connect with stripe(I’m not saying this but wix)

  1. Register/Configure stripe(under accept payments) on wix:
  2. Use CORVID code to connect with registered stripe account :

Problem with this: #1 and #2 use live api keys to connect with stripe and there is no way to changes/configure the api keys to point to stripe test. If this feature is not available then I strongly recommend to have it, as there are no alternates available to communicate with stripe without api keys.

For questions regarding Wix Pay, please contact the Wix support team . They’ll be better able to assist you with this.

I’m struggling with this now: Here I’m trying use three components(stripe + wix + corvid).
Wix says contact corvid
Corvid says contact wix
Stripe says contact wix

Let me break my questions :
My questions to CORVID on:
Do we have a way to createPayment in test mode, currently this is pointing to live mode by default?

Anyone managed to get an answer for this?

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Does anyone has an answer to this?
It’s hard to find a solution without writing a custom code, but it looks like this should be easy and supported through Wix Studio dashboard?

I’ve got the answer from the official support that this is not possible yet, but they will consider it :smiley:

Hey @Ivan_Capalija!

That’s correct, the payment processors available in the dashboard are considered “as is”, and not possible to switch things out beyond what’s offered.

I’d recommend submitting a feature request if you haven’t already - Product Roadmap

And if code is an option, there are new options available beyond the ones that are linked above that might be a little more straightforward.

Using the wix-payment service plugin, you can provide your own payment provider and will work as if connected via the dashboard. This way, you might be able to switch between the 2 environments, although I haven’t personally tested this myself.

Here’s the docs if you want to explore it further -