How to connect "textbox element" on dynamic page to a submit button?

The practice 1 was connect to “question dataset”. What I want to achieve is that after the user select all their answers, they will submit the selected answer and “Practice 1” text, which was connected to “question dataset”, also to another dataset eg. “Answers Dataset”. Can I do that on this textbox-element?

You won’t be able to save users form inputs to two different datasets through using just the one submit button, as the submit button will be linked to whatever dataset you are submitting to first.

You might be better off doing it through code with Wix Data save.

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Thank you very much givemeawhisky for your tip of using save() instead to insert the data in the “Answer dataset”. I think this will work and less complicated than what I thought, but I still some small issue with this method. Can the “save() function” be triggered after the user click the submit button? I am very new to coding in JS so a bit detail of how to get this done would be really appreciated. I hope you don’t mind my ignorance.
By the way, I might post an unclear question. I want to submitted the “Practice 1” which is displayed by using “question dataset” in dynamics page that it prevent me from connecting this same textbox, the place holder for “Practice 1”, to a submit button. The process works like this: when user click on “Practice 1” or “Practice 2” or “3” etc… in the “index page”, it will lead the user to the practice dynamic page which was shown in the picture (each page with a submit button). “Practice 1” displayed in the dynamic page is retrieved from “question dataset”. (I need the “Practice 1” with the answer submitted because after submitting, there will be user feedback on their scores and mistakes. To give this feedback to user, I need this data to verify the stored answers I have for each practice.) So the submit button will link to only one dataset which is no problem. The problem is the “textbox”, the place holder for “Practices” to be displayed can only connect to one dataset, in the current case “question dataset”.