How to count number of button clicks on a repeater linked to a data set?

I have a subscription plan only page that is a repeater linked to a data set with one of the columns in the data set being a download link to a file. I am wondering if there is a way I can track how many times the “download now” button on each individual line item in the data set (so each different box in the repeater) is clicked while still allowing that button to function to download the file.

Thank you for the help let me know if you need clarification on my question!!

The repeater I am using is connected to a content manager data set though so it does not give the option to add “on click” events. Do you know how to add these events with each specific button for each item in a data set from the content manager that is connected to a repeater?

I am not sure, but i would say, you will have to CODE it.

See the API-References for REPEATERS…$w/repeater