How to create a customer blog post submission page

Dear Wix community,

The current blog post submission page has place holder test as “Add a catch
y title” , “start writing your post here”.

Is there a way I could modify the place holder text to something else?
Also can I add additional elements to this post submission page? like I want to add location to user blog posts.I Look forward to suggestion form wix corvid community.



Currently, it is not possible to edit the placeholder text of the post page.
Since the Wix Blog “Posts” collection is read only and you wouldn’t be able to add a location column upon submitting a new blog post though the post page, I suggest submitting this feature as a request here .
Please find information on what you can do with the fields within the “Posts” collection here .

If you would like to create your own blog from scratch, (create your own blog post collection and members area ) you can incorporate getCurrentGeolocation( ) to get the location of the user who is submitting the blog post.

At Wix, we are constantly working to improve and update existing features and introduce new ones.The latest Corvid updates can be found here and the current Corvid Wishlist here .
See the current features in development here .

Best regards,
Edward | Corvid Team

Hello Edward,

Thanks for getting back. I will try to build the blog from scratch and see if I could incorporate my desired feature.

Interestingly while I was submitting my question to wix forum(which appears to have a built similar to wix blogs) I noticed that that the placeholder text is different that the one provided on wix blog. Would you know how was it modified? Also can I remove certain attachment options from the blog submission form like video or Gif.

Wix corvid forum:

Wix blog:

Thanking you in anticipation.