How to create a timeline?

Hello EditorX Community,
I would like to create an interactive timeline and would like your ideas on which features or shapes I should use to creat one.

Hey Amna,
If you could elaborate on what kind of interaction you would like to create, perhaps I could guide you to the tools you need.

@idoh so I want to create a life timeline, I already have one but it is super basic:
What I want to achieve with this timeline is to showcase all of my achievements at specific time intervals in a form of timeline that one can scroll to see more.
I am currently creating a portfolio website using Editor X, as it has much more functionality and pre-made wireframes as well! I want to create a timeline which has rotated boxes with the date in it and a line connected to a box with the details in it. This was the preliminary idea that i have, but seeing the features in Editor X, I am looking for more dynamic ideas that i can create for my timeline.
Hope this info helps!
I would love to get any possible ideas and tools

Hey Amna, I took a look at your site, first of all its amazing to see all your achievements at such a young age, looks like you are on a great path.
As for your timeline question, from what I saw, it’s a great opportunity to implement the built in animations that Editor X offers for example: making the life events animate as you scroll down the page.
This can easily be achieved just check out the animation button on the floating menu in each element here is a screen shot of how to access this feature:

Hope this gives you some inspiration!

Hello @idoh thank you for sharing this! I implemented it and now my site looks more dynaminc then the previous one. My previous website looked like this:

My new one looks more dynamic to give off my color palette colors, but the problem that I am facing is that I don’t understand how to use containers, gridss and sections and right now have just dragged and dropped the buttons and text. So, on a smaller screen my new website looks like this:

One a small screen it looks like this, and I cant take out time to learn about grids, columns and sections as I have exams later this month, but need to send the website link to someone urgently. I was looking for some expert’s help who can volunteer to do this for me and also maybe make it look a bit more dynamic. :slight_smile:

@idoh Our team is helping redesign a local non-profit theater website and want to use animated timeline style for the theater archive. Here are some examples

what would be the best way to achieve this with EditorX? Thank you.