How to create in site currency (tokens)?

Greetings, its been hard to find topics on this as the keywords in use often mean other things entirely I’ve noticed. I need to create currency just for my website. So say, I need customers to be able to purchase tokens, and then spend said tokens within my website for services. Then said tokens can be cashed in for the US dollar equivelent - or the equivilent for wherever that user lives iin the world.


> Customer enters site, views post about a service provided by a provider named GoodJohn for 3250 tokens.
**> **
> Customer goes wow I really need that service GoodJohn! GoodJohn says great, send the required tokens and I’ll get started!
**> **
> Customer clicks button to send payment, oh no he only has real US dollars! Customer goes to portion of website, or pulls up a lightbox, to purchase said tokens. Probably something like purchase 5k worth of tokens for $200 dollars.
**> **
> Customer buys tokens, pays GoodJohn, and even has a remaining balance of tokens for future use. These tokens are now stored in the Customers online wallet.
**> **
> GoodJohn gotos his service provider panel, accepts the tokens, cashes them back out into US dollar currency, and provides the requested service.

How on earth would I go about doing this? I was trying to find an addon already capable of this, this has to be a sought after feature yet I have found nothing. :frowning:

The web app you want to develop is something complex and you will need a very good database design to make everything smooth.

But for the question here is a simple answer to your needs:

  1. Create a digital wallet system within your database.
  2. Use Wix Pay APIs to collect payments from users.
  3. Create a payment page/lightbox to collect payments.
  4. When someone buys a token add these tokens to users digital wallet. (Database/Collection)
  5. When someone spends a token remove that much token from user’s wallet. (Database/Collection)

In fact you already know what you need. But you will need very good understanding of JS and Velo features to create something like this to make it smooth and secure.

Wix Pay APIs, Wix Data APIs.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much, I reached out to a third party contractor and await a quote. The last coding course I took was 20 years ago lol. I still read it pretty well thoough.

Ah this definitely helps. I’m trying to find someone to contract to do this now, I need this funcctionality immediately and I dont have the time to learn this in dept to do it myself. I’m an ex coder I guess youd say so I understand and can follow along pretty, last time I really coded had to be 23 years ago… I took Basic, Pascal, and C++ in school.

Thanks for the assistance.