How to create two register pages for two types of users?


I am trying to create a website that would have two types of users, customers and service providers. I want to create it in a way that would have basically two different interfaces on the website. I want to allow service providers to post the services they can provide, and I want users to be able to browse all the services posted on the website. However, I want to keep them separate, that is the service providers and customers. Is it possible? If so, how? I am having trouble with setting that up.

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Yes, this is surely possible.
You can give users specific roles.
For this take a look onto the wux-users-API.

On your home/startpage you can make an if-then-query which will recognize the current tolle and decide to which one of sites to navigate.

hi, i am trying to do something similar as Tom. I do not have coding skills. Is there a sample code that you can share with me, to help me start? Or please let me know where to get a sample code. thanks, sanjay

hi! i need the same features. were you able to figure it out?